Rental Terms

General Conditions:

The driver must have completed 23 years, present at the time of hire your ID or passport and be in possession of a valid driving license with at least one year old.
He driving license valid in Spain consider the following :
a) issued in accordance with the Spanish legislation;
b) issued by member states of the European Union in accordance with the regulations
Community ;
c) issued by other countries to be recognized as valid for the purposes of allowing
Driving in Spain according to the rules of the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic .
d ) with valid international license valid national license applicable to the country which was required in order to allow driving in Spain according to the rules of the General Directorate of Traffic Spanish .
The lessee liable jointly and severally for anyone driving the vehicle during the lease .
She credit card ( Visa or Master Card) as collateral on this card all the costs of your car will be loaded required, although if you wish , you may make payment by debit card at the end of your rental period reimbursing to your credit card the amount charged to the contract . The lessee must be the holder in case of any credit / debit card.

- The vehicles are exposed for informational purposes only and may be changed by any other matching features reserved group. Rent a Car Albitana not guarantee brand, model and engine size of the vehicles.

- The length of rental will be agreed in the contract , and billed based on 24 hour periods , counted from the moment the contract is concluded . There is a grace period of 60 minutes , after which an additional day will be charged rent based on the overall price effect. In no case shall the amount paid at the beginning of the rental as deposit may serve an extension of the lease .

- If the vehicle is used to transport children under three or over three years do not exceed a height of 150 centimeters, the lessee
device shall be provided for child restraints . The tenant should also check the suitability , use and placement of vehicle child restraints . Albitana Rent a Car is not responsible for the lack of use, installation, testing , misuse or any possible manufacturing defect of said retention device mandatory , since these aspects are solely the responsibility of the tenant.

- Our vehicles can only be driven within the Spanish territory of the Iberian Peninsula, is expressly prohibited transfer outside this territory .

- If the vehicle gets a ticket during the period of validity of the contract you will be liable for the amount of the fine , plus a fee of € 30.00 is made ​​for fine management .

- If the client decides to terminate the tenancy before the date specified in the Lease Agreement shall not be entitled to a refund of the amount for the days not use the vehicle.

- The maximum duration of each lease is 30 days , in case your reservation is more than 30 days have to go through one of the offices Albitana Rent a Car for contract renewal .

Your save:

From the time of vehicle request you receive an email with info for the pre - booking , pending confirmation of the message via email or on your mobile phone . Your reservation will not be considered valid until receipt of our confirmation.

There is no cancellation fee reserve . Just let us know and your reservation will be canceled, so someone else can enjoy the vehicle you did not use .

Services included

Our Rate " Albitana on line " includes:

Sure damage to the vehicle in case of theft or accident ( CDW ) . Coverage for vehicle damage ( CDW ) not included in any case damage to tires, rims , vehicle interiors , exterior mirrors , glass, underbody , punctures , tire blowouts or damage to the clutch. Does not include costs for recharging battery, lost keys , towing crane cab accident after displacement deposit for replacement vehicle or compensation for days of cessation of the car to repair.

-Safe occupant accident
- Liability
Unlimited - Mileage
- An additional driver . The additional driver must meet the requirements in old age and driving license to rent a car Albitana requests .
Breakdown assistance 24 hours
-I.V.A. 21 %

Our Rate " Albitana on line " does not include :

- Damage caused to the vehicle due to misuse , negligence, or due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
- Parking charges , fines , tolls, or removed from the vehicle by crane .
- Fuel .
- Optional Extras (GPS , baby seats , booster seats)
- Supplement delivery and / or collection outside the working hours of our offices (on request and prior confirmation , cost € 30.00 )
- Supplement delivery or Pick up in places other than offices Albitana Rent a Car ( on request and prior confirmation , least maximum cost € 20.00 € 50.00)

Fuel Policy :

Rent a Car Albitana not included in rates fuel the car hire . Rent a Car Albitana charge your credit card for the estimated amount of fuel that the vehicle has at the beginning of the rental, this amount will be refunded entirely if contract termination is returned with the same fuel level.

Express request by the customer when booking , Albitana Rent a Car offers the possibility to hire a Full / Empty fuel. In this case the customer will pay the amount of the fuel tank at the beginning of the hiring returning without refueling at the end of the contract.




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Our Fleet

  • FORD KA - FIAT 500 from € 53.90
  • TOYOTA AYGO - HYUNDAI i10 - FIAT PANDA from € 60.50
  • TOYOTA AYGO X-WAVE from € 63.80
  • TOYOTA YARIS - OPEL CORSA - HYUNDAI i20 from € 69.30
  • SEAT IBIZA - RENAULT CLIO from € 72.60
  • TOYOTA AURIS - HYUNDAI i30 from € 90.20